Call M&J Before Winter Sets In

We might have had a dry and hot summer in New England, but with winter just around the corner, it’s important M&J Seamless Guttersto prepare for the hazards of extreme weather conditions. M&J has been installing metal roofing and gutters in Derry, NH for over 20 years and we have seen some of the worst damages in homes when they do not invest in quality roofing or gutter materials and installation.

Leaking Into the Home

An immediate concern a season of snow brings is if the melting snow will make their marks on our homes. When these changes start to occur, you might notice stains on your ceiling, or even realize mold growth in your attic. Fixing your roof now can save you on basic and specific expenses down the road.

High Utility Bills

When you have a leaky roof, you will slowly realize that your electricity/heating bill has gone up. Rising cost is no surprise, since a lot of the heat in your home is escaping through the roof! On top of the fact that many attics/roofs have little insulation, your roof (especially metal roofs) keeps your heat or cold air inside of your home and helps with temperature regulation.

Foundation Concerns

Nearly every homeowner in New England has faced some moisture in their basement as spring begins to thaw the ground and melt snow. There are ways to protect the home from some of these problems. Gutters are an ideal way to direct waterway from your home, prevent erosion, and help limit the amount of water that enters your basement.

No matter what you need in the metal roofing or gutters world, M&J has you covered. We are fully licensed and insured to give you the best services and products around. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment with us before the winter sets in, call us today at (603) 566-7516.