The Risks of Loose Gutters

It can be all too easy to go DIY or save money by avoiding a project altogether. However, this mindset is risky – especially when it comes to home projects. When you attempt to do certain home renovations by yourself, you can compromise the integrity of your home. If you try to install gutters in […]

Three Things To Look Out For This Fall

Being a good homeowner means looking after part of your property – even the smallest pieces or ones you don’t see right in front of you. Your gutters are necessary, and with fall here, there are some things to remember. Bear these in mind to ensure they stay in good condition. If you need any […]

Gutter Maintenance Through The Seasons

Though you may not realize it, gutters are items that require regular upkeep. This is especially true for homes in New England – you probably already know just how unpredictable and impactful the weather can be and how it affects homes. Without maintenance throughout the year, gutters can deteriorate. Follow the tips below and your […]

Signs You Should Consider Metal Roofing

There are plenty of roofing options out there, and finding the best one for your home depends on a number of factors. We at M&J Seamless Gutters are happy to offer our gutter services, but we also specialize in installing metal roofing in New Hampshire. If you relate to the following situations or conditions, metal […]