Common Problems With NH Gutters

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The standard gutter in NH has a life expectancy of 20-30 years.  The longevity will depend on the environmental conditions and maintenance schedule that has been performed.  Heavily wooded homes will require more attention than those located in open areas.  However, the wooded home may be well maintained, whereas the open area homeowners may have never cleaned is their gutter system.  Whatever the situation may be, there are common red flags to let you know it’s time to spend some TLC in the direction of your gutters.  Here at M&J Seamless Gutters, we’ve seen it all.  Below is a list of the most common gutter problems around New England.


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Let’s go back to the home located in a wooded area.  Debris accumulation is one of the top reasons for gutter failure in these homes.  However, keep in mind that debris happens even in the most open area homes.  From falling leaves to acorns and everything in between, unprotected gutter systems are the perfect landing location.  Loose debris can quickly gather and decompose.  Once that process begins, the debris will weigh itself down, becoming heavy and a hazard to your home.  Here are a few examples of potential hazards:

  • Cluttered or clogged debris is a fire hazard.
  • Heavy debris can dislodge your gutter system from home.
  • Water backup can occur, causing damage to your roofing shingles.


Potential Effects


Beyond the hazardous effects a clogged gutter system can cause, it can be the source of much more.  For example:

  • Basement flooding can occur if water is allowed into the home.
  • Water leakage is also the number one reason for basement foundation cracks.
  • Water damage equals mold growth.  Mold growth opens a whole different door of issues for your family.
  • Window, door, siding, and paint damage or rot.  An expensive fix!


What You Can Do


Beyond the apparent maintenance of your gutter system, there are a few other tasks to keep your gutters in optimal condition.  For instance:

  • When using ladders, be sure to place them on the siding of your home, not the gutters.
  • Winter ice storms can build up and clog if not adequately cleaned out upon the thawing cycle.
  • Cover your gutters.  Pests love clutter.  Squirrels, mice, etc., will jump at the chance to set up shop in a clogged gutter system.
  • Check your gutters after intense summer storms with strong winds.


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Cleaning Gutters NH


If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it may be time for gutter repair or replacement. Upgrading your existing system to M&J Seamless Gutters NH is only a phone call away.  For more information on how we can protect your home, contact the professionals at M&J Seamless Gutters at (603) 566-7516.