Gutters NH: 3 Signs of a Leaky Gutter

How are your NH gutters holding up this winter? 

March is officially here in New England, which means spring rainfall is coming. If you’ve noticed water damage or you have icicles hanging from your eaves, you may have a leaking gutter issue. But don’t worry! Our M & J Seamless Gutter specialists can diagnose any issues and repair and replace those faulty gutters. Here are three signs of a possible leaking gutter issue.


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Water Damage

Have you noticed any water damage within your home? If you notice new cracks in the basement that are damp, you may have a leaky gutter. Water damage can occur in various places in your home, with the most prevalent issues starting in the attic or the basement. Water will destroy drywall and insulation. If left untreated, mold and mildew can build up on these damp surfaces, causing more stress.


Outside Water Damage

If you see water pooling around the edges of your foundation during or after a rainstorm, you have a more significant gutter issue. As a result, you may notice mildew or moss growing around the edges of your foundation in the spring and summer and icicles forming on the eaves of your home. A blocked gutter may be the culprit if you hear or see water overflowing or landing close to your foundation. 


Gutter Damage

Water will not drain properly and move away from your foundation if your gutters are blocked up with ice (ice dams) or if there is damage to the gutter itself. Gutter damage can include dents, holes, and rust. This can result in sagging gutters full of rainwater in the spring or pulling gutters that cause damage to the outside of your home. This can result in damaged siding and roofing, leading to more stress and expense!


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Gutters NH: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Make sure your gutters are ready for spring! Since 1995, M & J Seamless Gutters has provided Southern NH residents and business owners with high-quality Seamless Gutters services. Our manufacturer-trained and certified experts are dedicated to providing first-rate gutter repair and installation services. 


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