How Do I Prevent My Gutters From Freezing?

Anyone who has had gutters installed on their Manchester, NH knows that drains exist to make your home maintenance easier and protect against the damage of weather such as rain and snow. By diverting water away from our homes, we can prevent potential dangers like erosion and foundation complications. In New England, we can face some extreme temperatures that can cause freezing in our gutters. With these tips, you can help prevent gutter icing and internal damage that leaks into your home.

Examine your attic

Our attic’s insulation, vents, and other features can help our roof avoid freezing and, in turn, prevent freezing in our gutters. Spend some time in your attic to inspect if you have leaks in your roof and to ensure your vents stay open. These fixes can help immensely with problems that might be occurring outside of your home.

Ensure the attic is insulated

Ice dams are most likely to occur when there is a fluctuation of temperature on your roof, and as we have mentioned, this can have an impact on your attic. By having a properly insulated space, your roof’s temperature can be regulated correctly, prevent snow and water from freezing, and prevent freezing in your gutters.

Clean snow out of gutters immediately after snowfall

Much like snow in our driveways, we often want to remove snow on roofs quickly after a storm to avoid the chance of it freezing and becoming difficult to remove. Consider hiring a professional to come and clean your roof and gutters to prevent the dangers of falling.

Whether you need new gutters installed or gutter cleaning in NH, M&J Seamless Gutters would be happy to help. With over 20 years in the business, our professionally trained, insured, and licensed professionals will help protect your home from the dangers of ice and ice dams. For more information about our services, please contact us today by calling (603) 566-7516.