How to Care for Your Derry NH Gutters


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Keeping your gutters in optimal shape allows them to do their job.  However, life can be busy, and gutters are one of the first parts of our home that are forgotten about.  Why is this? Probably because it’s one of the least fun areas of the house to attend to.  However, the team at M&J Seamless Gutters is here to save the day.  We’ve compiled this easy-to-do list to ensure the best performance for your Derry NH gutters!


Create a routine schedule


Often, homeowners wait until it’s too late to attend to their gutter system.  By too late, we mean you’re gutters are topped to the brim with soggy debris.  However, by creating a routine schedule, you can stay on top of maintenance.  Ideally, your gutters should get a little TLC twice a year.  The first time is spring after the snow and ice have melted.  This will not only eliminate the risk of slipping on a ladder but will allow adequate time for debris to thaw.

The second time of the year is late fall.  A season appropriately named, fall is undoubtedly one time of year you can count on endless piles of nature to pile up in your gutters.  Before Old Man Winter settles in, it’s imperative to clear your drainage.  This is not only for the health of your family, but the integrity of your home.


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Got rust? Take care of it


Rust can lead to the early demise of your gutter system.  As with any rusty metal, left untreated, you could be compromising the proper functioning of your gutters.  Rust will lead to holes.  Holes will lead to improper water drainage.  Water running free can lead to mold and foundation damage.  Shall we go on?

If you’re noticing rust on your gutters, it’s best to grab a wire brush and go to work.  By thoroughly scraping away rust, you can then have a clean surface to putty and seal your gutters.  This will ensure proper drainage and longer life to your gutter system.


Be sure to check screens and strainers


For one reason or another, screens and strainers can become dislodged from your gutters.  Whether it’s a mouse or a strong windstorm, it’s imperative to reestablish the guard.  By doing so, you’ll not only keep unwanted critters out of your home but nature’s finest elements as well.


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Caring for gutters in Derry, NH


If your Derry NH gutters need a little TLC, give our team at M&J Seamless Gutters a call.  From gutter repair to system replacement, we have the solution you need to secure your home’s drainage system.  Call us today to learn more (603) 566-7516.