Signs You Need New Gutters

If you look at any of the gutters in Manchester, NH, you might be wondering which need to be replaced or are properly installed, and if your home is in need of new gutters as well. M&J Seamless has seen the worst and the best gutters in the area, and we have a few warning signs for when you might want to start thinking about replacing your old gutter system.

Sagging or pulling away from the house. Some signs are a little more obvious than others, and if you can visibly see your gutters pulling away from your house or sagging, they are no longer accomplishing their job. Gutters should always stay in place, and when you see a difference before you even get on the ladder, you should contact your gutter installer.

M&J Seamless Gutters & Metal RoofingCracked or broken metal. If there is one sign that new gutters are a must, it is cracking in the seams, joints, or in the metal itself. From ice dams to age, gutters with cracking lose all value as they no longer funnel water away from your foundation.

Peeling or cracked paint with orange stains. Many gutter systems have a protective coating that is layered over the metal to help prevent rust and corrosion, but these problems can still occur over time. Corrosion can lead to holes in your gutters, which in turn can cause damages to your exterior.

Damage beneath the gutters. This can be in the form of mildew, rot, peeling paint on your siding, or water stains. This is a great indication there might be problems with your drainage because the water is not being carried away from your home, and not fixing the problem can only create more destruction to your property.

Whether you need installation, repairs, or gutter cleaning in NH, M&J Seamless is the company for you. From a variety of colors and styles to gutter protection and a gutter installation warrantee, you will be happy you worked with us. To request a free quote or to learn more about our services, please give our experts a call today at (603) 566-7516.