What Spring Reveals About Your Gutters

Spring in New England always has one constant: rain. It washes away the remnants of winter and gets us ready mj2a-2for the warmer weather. M&J loves this time of year, and before we know it, our clients will be calling for gutter questions in Derry and Manchester, NH. We know this because, with the rain, homeowners will start to notice all of the problems with their current gutter system they might not otherwise know!

Misplaced downspouts

One of the jobs of a professional gutter installer is to place your gutters and downspouts on areas of your home that will effectively and efficiently carry the water away from your home. If you are noticing erosion, pooling, or foundation damage, there is a possibility your downspouts were not installed correctly and are ultimately impacting the integrity of your home.


From frozen pipes to age, there is always a chance that your current gutters are simply not doing their job! Rain can quickly reveal the different areas of your gutters that have leaks, which takes away from their purpose and productivity to protect your home.

They need to be cleaned

It’s hard to tell from the ground whether or not your gutters need to be cleaned, but you will soon realize how importance the maintenance is when they begin to clog, overflow, and cause damage to your home! From leaves to critters finding winter shelter, you’ll never know what’s in your gutters until you check!

From gutter maintenance and repair to complete installation, M&J Seamless Gutters will provide our NH customers with the skills and products to improve their gutter system this spring. Our team would love to show you just how essential seamless gutters are to a home that faces rainy conditions during any season.

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