When Is the Best Time For Gutter Cleaning in NH?

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With Old Man Winter knocking at our windows or gutters, it’s time for homeowners to prepare for winter.  Even though the to-do lists are long, gutter cleaning in NH should not be overlooked this time of year for a few different reasons. From the integrity of your home to the wellness of your family, gutter cleaning is an essential part of spring and fall to-dos.  


Protect your family’s health


Although we take measures day in and day out to keep our family as safe as possible, we often overlook one very large area of concern.  Our gutters.  Gutters can quickly build up piles of leaves, acorns, and twigs; especially in the fall.  Without proper maintenance, this pile of debris can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Slimy wet leaves sitting under a pile of more slimy wet leaves and rotting wood is the perfect location for mold to thrive. Now that you have mold, you have opened the door to several health risks.  Not only is mold one of the top factors in allergies and asthma, but it can lead to more significant respiratory diseases as well.  From sneezing and watery eyes to skin irritations to bronchitis, mold is the cause of many nasty things that you don’t want to enter your home.


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Protect your home’s health


Not only can gutter debris wreak havoc on your health, but it can also significantly affect the integrity of your home.  For instance, consider an open gutter that is clogged to the brim.  Along comes a rainstorm that pours buckets for hours.  Where is that rain supposed to go now that the drainage system is not properly functioning? The answer is: anywhere it wants.  Whether the excess water drips down to your windows or continues its way to the concrete foundation; the result will not be good.  

The tiniest of cracks in siding, windows, or your foundation will allow water to enter your home.  Not only can this rot structural wood, but it can also open yet another door for mold growth.


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Gutter Cleaning NH


If you’re tired of gutter cleaning in NH, it may be time to consider giving M&J Seamless Gutters a call.  Experts in the industry, our team at M&J will custom design a seamless gutter system for your home.  With seamless gutters, your home can have the ultimate protection from runoff water and nature’s elements.  Call us today to schedule your consultation and put time back into your hands.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, call today at 603-566-7516.