Why You Should Hand-Clean Your Gutters

M&J Seamless has seen the most interesting DIY contraptions to make yard and house work easier, but we cringe a little when our customers tell us the ways they have cleaned their gutters in Manchester, NH in the past. Hand-cleaning is a tedious task, and we understand wanting to speed up the process, but we have one important reason you should always clean your gutters the old fashion way.

Damage, damage, damage!

Gutter cleaning in NH from MJTwo popular ways we have heard of people cleaning out their gutters and roofs in the past are with leaf blowers and power washers. Both of these tools use high speeds and powers to push away debris and dirt, but they can do much more harm than good! Natural outside forces like wind and rain rarely reach the intensity of this heavy equipment, and when they do, they are known to cause some irreversible destruction to the integrity of our roofs and gutter systems.

High winds and water pressure can loosen the attachments and seams, which is especially true for traditional gutter systems. Although seamless gutters are known for being more durable, the inside and outside seams as well as the downspout connections could be impacted by this penetrating force. This can cause premature wearing or even fall off your home! Though gutter cleaning is a task that can be completed in a single afternoon, it is often best to invest in the professional help to ensure the job is being done correctly and only improving the current state of your gutter system.

M&J Seamless Gutters is here to help you in any way we can when it comes to gutter cleaning in NH. We will access your physical environment, recommend how often you should have your gutters clean, and offer suggestions to keeping your gutter system running smoothly. With more questions about our services, call us today at (603) 566-7516.